Kissing Film Stills

When I watch movies at home, I always take a photo of the kissing scenes:
IMG_8805Wild Boys of the Road (1933)
IMG_8806Wild Boys of the Road (1933)
This was a PreCode, can you tell by the sensuous kissing?
I loved this movie, it was very sweet and heartbreaking at the end. It was all about two boys who leave their mid-American town in search of work in NYC during the Great Depression. There were many scenes of train hopping and grisly moments of life on the road.
In true PreCode form, there were undertones of rape, murder, cross dressing, poverty, and injustice.
IMG_8800Heroes for Sale (1933)

IMG_8832Union Pacific (1939)

This is Barbara Stanwyck and Joel McCrea kissing on a railroad car AS Indians are attacking them.
See the items flying off the shelf in the background? That’s the attack!

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