Party Like it’s 1929

img_6853 img_6837
Here are some shots of Angel and me at Party Like it’s 1929. This is a fantastic period party thrown by the wonderful Datri Bean. We danced through the night and sipped apricot liquor. I made my necklace out of a chandilier from work! It made such music as I moved. It is double-sided so the strands hang down the back just as they do the front.

My headband is from the ever-so-fantastic Louise Black (of Project Runway season 6!) I have been buying headbands from her for years and I love the accent they give each outfit. This one is a delicate green ribbon with glass pieces and a deco brooch. So lovely!

I finally got my makeup right tonight when I turned on the “sepia” setting of Photo

booth and just did my makeup in the computer camera as if I was in a sepia picture! I think I am always too timid to really darken my eyes but having the sepia setting let me know where to put the dark shadows and highlights. Guilherme looked very handsome dressed up in a vest and proper suspenders. He shaved his moustache into a Clark Gable shape and I think it fits him very well.






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