Gadjo Disko!

Guilherme will be leaving back for Brazil in just a few short days, so I’m trying to cram as much fun dances, dinners and alone time with him as humanly possible. He and I had a fantastic time at Gadjo Disko on Saturday! Gadjo Disko is an Eastern European block party with manic dancing, fresh fruit, strippers, costumes, bubbles, glitter and lots and lots of fun. I’ve gone as a living doll, a golden sunbeam, and flapper vamp before. Gadjo Disko is put on, in part, by the ever-fabulous Angeliska, whose use of antlers and sheer clothings never cease to amaze me!

IMG_7029 IMG_7036 IMG_7020

My outfit wasn’t as elaborate as previous Diskos, but I was satisfied to give my crumbling dress another go-around!

I think the secret to really dynamic and unique vintage is the ability of a garment to bend and transform through all spectrums. This gown has gone from gala to graveyard, from supping to dancing gracefully.

I bought this dress when I lived in Eugene, Oregon in 2005. I used to go to this fabulous store called Nobody’s Baby and befriended all of the shop girls. I found this white 1940s gown in a trunk at the back of the store, and it was still in pattern pieces. I bought it for $7, stitched up the bodice and wore it to several events before I decided to dye it green and embroider down the front of it.

Left: This is what it looked like just stitched together:

Right: This is me on Day of the Dead last year. I’ve dyed the gown green and added my father’s epitaph in embroidery down the middle.



Daily Outfit, June 13th, 2009

  • Hello Kitty as Alice in Wonderland cell phone charms that I made into earrings
  • Strawberry clip in my hair that goes to a Hello Kitty hair clip set
  • 1940s strawberry print dress – ebay
  • Red stretchy belt – American Apparel
  • Red strappy shoes with wooden base



Today it is hot in Texas, so hot and so bright that I could not look at the camera without squinting. √Člodie (my Gentle River Blythe) got this dress a few weeks ago but when I saw a human-sized strawberry print dress on ebay last week I knew it had to be mine. Dressing like your dolls, or having a doll dress like you? It’s an interesting outcome either way.

Daily Outfit, June 5th, 2009

  • Sea Urchin Spine & Pearl Earrings – made by me in 2002
  • 1930s lingerie worn as blouse
  • Vintage Navy pants cut off and pink buttons added (by me)
  • Pink socks (American Apparel)
  • White strappy sandals
  • Hello Kitty Balloons – I then spent the rest of the day singing Betty Boop songs to my co-workers.
  • Point of fashion: I watched Dames (1934) last night on the big screen and it was all about my favorite subject, 1930s chorus girls.
  • Elodie (Gentle River Blythe) wears a teal knit dress and Rement navy Mary Janes




Daily Outfit, June 4th, 2009

  • Tiny knife on a necklace
  • Red Bolero
  • 1950s teal/white cotton dress
  • Apron from Julia!!!
  • Red belt – American Apparel
  • White socks from
  • 1930s reproduction dance shoes –
  • Violet Crown (my Frosty Frock Blythe) wears a dress that I made for her, red boots and kitty ears.


I love turquoise and red together in small doses. I got a package in the mail from Julia in Toronto yesterday and inside was this adorable apron – it’s got flowers and branches all over it and it’s got individual panels like pleats on the front. So much work for such a little apron! I knew I wanted to wear it to work (so I wouldn’t spill ice cream on it) but I didn’t want to pair it with anything too simple. I haven’t gotten too much wear out of these shoes yet. They are meant for dancing so the soles aren’t very street friendly. They are a faithful 1930s reproduction and I think they are quite charming!