Daily Outfit, September 27th, 2009

  • Brown Beret – Military Supply Store, Seattle, WA
  • Red Satin Ribbon
  • Ruby Woo Lipstick
  • Lace cuff with flower by Louise Black
  • 1940s brown dress with smiling leaf print – Buffalo Exchange, Austin
  • Vintage lace slip
  • White socks from sockdreams.com
  • Brown wedges

img_7868 img_7873
When I first found this dress it was wrinkled and sad. The previous owner was not very nice to it and the inner seams were all unraveled due to being put in a washingmachine! It’s a darling dress – and so worth the tiny amount of money I paid for it. It has lovely ruffled details at the front and three panels on the front of the skirt. The print is really what made me fall in love with it – little smiling faces on the leaves and clovers!

img_7875 img_7876

Daily Outfit, September 26th, 2009

  • MAC lipstick, Dubonnet
  • Gold necklace with violets – Lux Revival at Uncommon Objects, Austin, TX
  • Tattered antique dress – gift from Angeliska for my 27th birthday
  • 1940s black slip – Magpie, PDX
  • Reproduction Tstrap shoes – Target

Today is a special day because I finally have a day off of work! I have been working Saturdays for the last few years and I got today off as a fluke. Caitlin and I went for vegan breakfast at Bouldin Creek and I saw my birthday-twin, Tony and we traded tattoo stories. Today I’m going to work a lot on school work and maybe do some mending on a 1930s velvet dress I rescued last weekend.


Today’s fashion inspiration is taken completely from Boudoir Dolls! I don’t own any boudoir dolls yet, but I love the images of flappers in their boudoirs cuddling their little dollies. Here is a doll that is up on ebay right now: kiss curls, cupid’s bow, and falling apart dress? Check!
picture-8 picture-9 boudoir

Daily Outfit, September 25th, 2009

  • Green vintage dress with Pennsylvania Dutch-ish pattern – $7 at Nobody’s Baby, Eugene, OR
  • Yellow poppy pinned in hair – from a craft store
  • Yellow and white gingham bows made into earrings – did that meself!
  • Black knit socks
  • Yellow shoes – Buffalo Exchange

img_7817 img_7812 img_7823
Today is my third day of using Jojoba Oil on my hair and face and I’m really liking the results! I mix a few drops in with my moisturizer at night and my skin looks lovely in the morning. I’ve also been eating one coconut for breakfast in a smoothie, and I’m sure that has something to do with it as well!
This is a dress that has stuck with me for many years (and many mendings). When I first bought it, I had nearly no green items in my collection and I was really excited because I was mostly wearing a lot of black! Here is a photo of me in 2006 shortly after I’d gotten the dress:


When I first began documenting my daily outfit posts, I would do the “detatched sideways glance” in nearly every photo. I’ve tried to shift myself off of it, because it looks quite silly, doesn’t it?