Daily Outfit, September 25th, 2009

  • Green vintage dress with Pennsylvania Dutch-ish pattern – $7 at Nobody’s Baby, Eugene, OR
  • Yellow poppy pinned in hair – from a craft store
  • Yellow and white gingham bows made into earrings – did that meself!
  • Black knit socks
  • Yellow shoes – Buffalo Exchange

img_7817 img_7812 img_7823
Today is my third day of using Jojoba Oil on my hair and face and I’m really liking the results! I mix a few drops in with my moisturizer at night and my skin looks lovely in the morning. I’ve also been eating one coconut for breakfast in a smoothie, and I’m sure that has something to do with it as well!
This is a dress that has stuck with me for many years (and many mendings). When I first bought it, I had nearly no green items in my collection and I was really excited because I was mostly wearing a lot of black! Here is a photo of me in 2006 shortly after I’d gotten the dress:


When I first began documenting my daily outfit posts, I would do the “detatched sideways glance” in nearly every photo. I’ve tried to shift myself off of it, because it looks quite silly, doesn’t it?

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