Daily Outfit, September 26th, 2009

  • MAC lipstick, Dubonnet
  • Gold necklace with violets – Lux Revival at Uncommon Objects, Austin, TX
  • Tattered antique dress – gift from Angeliska for my 27th birthday
  • 1940s black slip – Magpie, PDX
  • Reproduction Tstrap shoes – Target

Today is a special day because I finally have a day off of work! I have been working Saturdays for the last few years and I got today off as a fluke. Caitlin and I went for vegan breakfast at Bouldin Creek and I saw my birthday-twin, Tony and we traded tattoo stories. Today I’m going to work a lot on school work and maybe do some mending on a 1930s velvet dress I rescued last weekend.


Today’s fashion inspiration is taken completely from Boudoir Dolls! I don’t own any boudoir dolls yet, but I love the images of flappers in their boudoirs cuddling their little dollies. Here is a doll that is up on ebay right now: kiss curls, cupid’s bow, and falling apart dress? Check!
picture-8 picture-9 boudoir

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