Daily Outfit, October 2nd, 2009

  • Lace/Black ribbon headband – goes to a 1920s maid outfit – my boss brought to me
  • Lavender dress with button up collar – H&M San Francisco
  • Black vintage with little birds brooch on collar – antique shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  • Gray knee socks – Target
  • Black heels – Target

IMG_7950-681x1024 IMG_7955-681x1024
Point of fashion: little lace dolly. I bought this dress in 2007 after my very first trip to H&M in San Francisco. I bought it and then immediately changed into it at the SF Museum of Modern Art down the street, although I mistakenly wore it backwards for the first few times I wore it! I really like the pearly button up collar and it looks sweet worn either way. I’ve lost a few of the buttons so I’ll be wearing it frontways until I get replacements for them.
Today I listened to three Cab Calloway records at work all in a row.

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