Daily Outfit, October 10th, 2009

  • Blue lace headband from Louise Black
  • Blue dress with pleats and brown beads from Anthropologie via Buffalo Exchange
  • Black socks and T Strap High Heels – Target


In this photo I’m standing in a doorway in the French Quarter of New Orleans – my friend Paul kept yelling “Beautify! Beautify!” while taking my picture so I kept smirking.

I had a lovely time in New Orleans. I left very early in the morning on Friday, right after the US shot at the moon. I had dreams all night that it was going to shoot back! I slept on and off during the bus ride through the sheets of rain and miles and miles of murky swamps.

  • Red ribbon with fake poppy headband – made by me
  • Seed pearl necklace – made by me
  • 1940s lace gown with matching bolero
  • Navy belt
  • Seamed stockings with garter holding them up. The garter has little flapper faces hand painted on them.
  • Navy shoes from Remixvintage via Trashy Diva in New Orleans
  • Vintage Tapestry Bag

Here I am at my gallery opening of Deep.Down.Dirty, Female Sexuality in the South at Antenna Gallery, New Orleans. It was a successful show, and I’ve sold half of it so far! I have worn this dress on many different occasions, but it was so long that I had stepped on the lace while going up stairs many many times. I had planned on clipping around the flowers for a while, and I’m halfway pleased with the way it turned out. I still think it looks a little kinderwhore!

Me and Roxanne (from persephassa.com) at the opening of Inappropriate Covers at Brown University in April , 2009. I’m wearing the dress at full length here without the bolero. Look how cute Roxanne is!

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