Daily Outfit, October 16th, 2009

  • 1950s navy blue tilt hat with velvet ribbon – from a junk store in Tonitown, Arkansas
  • Dove earrings
  • Vintage lace collar – bought from a boy who came into my toy store with a suitcase of goodies
  • 1950s navy dress – I can’t even remember… I’ve had this dress for so long. I think I got it in northwest Arkansas
  • Vintage sheer gloves with flower embroidery
  • Remix vintage heels – Trashy Diva in NOLA

4017911299_4b08d3b3ab 4018671172_196400dd2a


Today I got a lot of comments that I looked like a doll or like a mannequin. I suppose I have a knack for standing uncommonly still, and today I was letting myself just stare off into space while thinking of how to construct my Gadjo Disko/Halloween costume: deer antler headpiece! I have been mistaken for a mannequin in places where you usually don’t find mannequins… like the grocery store!

4018671362_770d2efe13 4018671824_053467c6d6

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