Daily Outfit, October 17th, 2009

  • Navy ribbon in hair
  • Yellow ribbons as earrings
  • 1930s style yellow blouse with Peter Pan collar with white Scottie Dog print – F21
  • Vintage Navy shorts (I replaced the anchor buttons with pink buttons)
  • RemixVintage shoes

4019849141_9a4b097549_b 4019853733_5b168df977_b
When I lived in the Pacific NW, I could buy Navy pants at almost every vintage store, but I’ve never seen any in the south!
Suggestions for wearing 13 button Navy Pants:
– Change out the standard issue buttons with colorful ones
– Cut them off and hem them into shorts
– Replace the back tie with a colorful ribbon
– They gather dust/lint, so be sure to have a lint roller handy
– The number one rule: Don’t wear your sailor pants out drinking. You will not make it in time if you are drunkenly fumbling with the buttons.

2217294595_a1ec979a70_oAs always, sailor pants as shorts make for a perfect 1920s chorus girl look.


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