Debutant’s Debut

It’s August, I’m in Texas, it’s 105F in the shade. I live on the second floor of a cinder block house in a neighborhood built after WWII for returning servicemen. On my front porch, I’m sawing a phonograph horn lengthwise with a hacksaw. This work is slow going and sweat is beading up beneath my Colleen Moore bangs and under the arms of my 1940s cotton house dress.

Behind me, some clothes are drip drying on an umbrella-shaped wooden rack after having been washed on a glass washboard in a mixture of Borax and castille soap in my bathtub.

For supper, I’ve got dried beans soaking on the stove and a sleeve of farmer’s market tomatoes waiting to be sliced on the cutting board. I’ll eat them on fried tortillas by candlelight on the porch.

This webspace will serve as a documentation of my life, and my attempts in the next year to groom my life into a zero waste, low impact, and recycled/reused lifestyle by incorporating aspects of daily life familiar to those living in the earlier part of the 20th century.

Please stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Debutant’s Debut

  1. i missed your new/er blog’s debut and i’m enjoying it very very much starting at the beginning. anyhoo, every day and every life-decision seems so much more fulfilling with the effort/thought/antique art to it. you really bring that out in your writing.

    you might enjoy parts of Donald Hall’s memoir “Life Work” or any of his writing on his love of the old, i’m thinking. i owe you a quote or two. anyhoo, xojojo

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