Femme et Velo

A few weeks ago, I spent a day with Shari from Charm School Vintage along with Zachary Hunt and Mike Andrick, two local photographers who have a blog called Femme et Velo.
Femme et vélo is a photography project that brings together women, style and bicycles. Started by Austin, Texas-based photographers and cyclists Zachary Hunt and Mike Andrick, we were inspired by vintage images of ladies on two wheels, as well as our love for bicycles. With the help of stylist Shari Gerstenberger of Charm School Vintage, we work with different models and bikes for each shoot. We also combine film and digital for a blend of traditional and contemporary portrait photography. The goal of the project is to celebrate the liberating relationship that exists between a woman and a bicycle, as well as the style that goes along with it.
Styling in these photos by Shari, and photographs by Zachary and Mike.
We chose the hill country for the shoot. The summer drought left the grasses dry and soft. Perfect for lounging in! This floral 1930s dress is now mine, and I paired it with an embroidered cloche I’ve had since I was twenty.I rode merrily on the bicycle while the boys photographed me from the back of a moving truck. It’s not quite chilly enough for beret weather, but I couldn’t resist bringing a stash along for the shoot.The impending thunderclouds made for some incredible colors, and a bit of tension on our end for fear of ruining clothing & equipment. Of all of the days to rain!

We hopped barbed wire fences into cattle pastures, where I narrowly avoided ruining my Remix shoes in cow pies! These flowers were electric green after the sudden thundershower.After the shoot we had dinner at an area vineyard, and I played a windup portable phonograph in the entry way & we danced with full bellies.
Thanks to Femme et Velo and Charm School Vintage!

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