January 22nd, Daily Outfit

  • Pink slip that I cut off into a shirt, thrifted in Paris for a few Euros while shopping with Stella Polaris
  • Vintage navy sailor pants that I’ve cut off & sewn pink buttons on to
  • Pink earrings & bracelet made of German glass and assembled by my sister
  • Remix vintage shoes in navy

Today’s forecast is 81F! I good day for selling ice cream, I hope! Yesterday we had our best sales to date – which has made me working 80+hours a week worth it!

It’s almost St. Valentine’s day! Here are my flapper valentine tattoos.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been busy stitching new tidy cloths for my other etsy store.¬†Better and more functional than a box of chocolates!

I’ve been setting my hair in vertical pincurls at night, and when I brush them out in the mornings, I have a delightfully full flapper afro, a la Gaby Deslys.

January 21st, Daily Outfit

  • Green beret, thrifted
  • Green dress, Nobody’s Baby, Eugene, Oregon
  • Green belt, Decades Vintage, Portland, Oregon
  • Remix Vintage Shoes

Here is the smiling photo!

I had planned on going on a phonograph/picnic today because it’s so nice outside, but I got called into work instead. Maybe tomorrow? I’m also getting ready for the next Vintage Vivant, which is all about Weimar Berlin. I still must finalize my costume!

January 20th, Daily Outfit

  • Heart shaped locket – gift from my grandfather when I was six
  • 1950s creme lace dress
  • Bow belt that goes to a 1960s dress that I ruined in the wash
  • Heels from Buffalo exchange
  • What Katie Did stockings

I love the back of this dress!

Reese and I finished three new phonographs this week! They are up for sale:

The Chief

The Puritone with dancing flappers

The Columbia

All ready to go on a picnic with the phonograph!

January 19th, Daily Outfit

  • In January 2011, I did not drink alcohol for the whole month of January, and with the money I saved, I bought myself this velvet 1930s dress
  • Striped stockings from Sock Dreams
  • Black mary janes
  • I pincurled my hair last night & slept with it & I quite like the voluminous results. I must make time to do this more often.

I got up too early to document my outfit today, and the light just isn’t proper at that ungodly hour. It’s also kind of silly to try and photograph black velvet dresses in the first place, since they look like someone’s taken an exacto knife to the photo as it becomes a black void. I’m on my way to East Side Show Room to see some hot jazz & to finish one or two embroidery projects. So, here I am in front of my vanity & my barkcloth covered stool. You can see the black forest deer reflected in the mirror – look close!
My eyes have changed color since I darkened my hair. They are hovering in the green spectrum of hazel rather than the blue. How very strange!

The Noble Experiment

On January 17th, The Volstead celebrated the anniversary of Prohibition, The Noble Experiment. My boyfriend plays piano with the East Side Dandies, so I went out to watch & to dance a little.

I love this gold damask wall paper!

  • I made this headband out of silver trim from the 1920s and ribbon from a craft store
  • My dress was a holiday gift from my mother, it’s covered with sparkly rhinestones.
  • Black beaded necklace
  • Black socks
  • Black Mary Janes

Dave is my future Balboa dance partner. I’m starting lessons in February!
The East Side Dandies! This was an incredible show. Don’t they look fine!? My sweetheart is the one in the three piece gray suit.

See photos of the whole set, here. All photos by Devaki Knowles of Fun Loving Photos.

January 15th, Daily Outfit

  • Red Beret
  • Blue 1940s (?) plaid dress, thrifted for $12
  • Thrifted black belt
  • Red stockings from American Apparel
  • 1920s reproduction shoes from Remix Vintage

I love these shoes, in theory. They are comfortable & cute, but they are THE poorest quality. I’ve only worn them a handful of times, and the leather is peeling apart, they scuff easily, and have popped their buttons. How can a pair of $275 shoes be made so poorly? Unfortunately, this is the story with all of the Remix shoes that I own.

I like this dress. I’m a living thermos!

Dark Haired Beauties

In the last few weeks, I’ve been compiling a inspiration pile of photos of dark haired ladies. I knew I wanted to go really dark, but I was afraid of looking too high school goth. Here are some ladies who helped me!

The Boswell Sisters

The Boswell Sisters

Mona Maris. circa 1932

Galliano model

Vintage erotica

Anna Sui ad

Is this Winona Ryer?

I have no clue as to who this model is, but I have a few pictures of her in my pinterest.

Carmel Myers

Don’t know where this one is from, either.