January 22nd, Daily Outfit

  • Pink slip that I cut off into a shirt, thrifted in Paris for a few Euros while shopping with Stella Polaris
  • Vintage navy sailor pants that I’ve cut off & sewn pink buttons on to
  • Pink earrings & bracelet made of German glass and assembled by my sister
  • Remix vintage shoes in navy

Today’s forecast is 81F! I good day for selling ice cream, I hope! Yesterday we had our best sales to date – which has made me working 80+hours a week worth it!

It’s almost St. Valentine’s day! Here are my flapper valentine tattoos.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been busy stitching new tidy cloths for my other etsy store.¬†Better and more functional than a box of chocolates!

I’ve been setting my hair in vertical pincurls at night, and when I brush them out in the mornings, I have a delightfully full flapper afro, a la Gaby Deslys.

January 21st, Daily Outfit

  • Green beret, thrifted
  • Green dress, Nobody’s Baby, Eugene, Oregon
  • Green belt, Decades Vintage, Portland, Oregon
  • Remix Vintage Shoes

Here is the smiling photo!

I had planned on going on a phonograph/picnic today because it’s so nice outside, but I got called into work instead. Maybe tomorrow? I’m also getting ready for the next Vintage Vivant, which is all about Weimar Berlin. I still must finalize my costume!

January 20th, Daily Outfit

  • Heart shaped locket – gift from my grandfather when I was six
  • 1950s creme lace dress
  • Bow belt that goes to a 1960s dress that I ruined in the wash
  • Heels from Buffalo exchange
  • What Katie Did stockings

I love the back of this dress!

Reese and I finished three new phonographs this week! They are up for sale:

The Chief

The Puritone with dancing flappers

The Columbia

All ready to go on a picnic with the phonograph!