January 1st Daily Outfit

  • Beaded ribbon headband, handmade by Louise Black
  • Joan of Arc Saint medallion, from Natalie Ribbons on her trip to Paris
  • Vintage green knit dress, not sure of the era, but it has little snaps on the shoulders to hook bra straps to
  • Green belt from Decades Vintage in Portland, OR
  • Purse with bakelite handle that belonged to my grandmother, Nina
  • Stocking garters with little flapper faces on them (I wear these nearly every day)
  • Black stockings
  • Black pointed shoes

On the first of the year, I cleaned out all of the refrigerator ghosts (including a beet I’d purchased in August!). I spent the day with Reese. He cooked me dinner while I searched for sheet music on ebay, and we giggled at some of the silly covers. We ended the day by watching Alfred Hitchcock Presents and I finished embroidering two vintage slips with the phrase “Yours till Niagara Falls.”

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