2011 in Review

2011 was a year of dreams, realized. I helped launch a successful party that helped to create/strengthen a unique vintage community here in Austin. I found a sweetheart who fixes phonographs and plays old timey music. And, after a lot of hard work and nearly two years of planning, I opened my own business, an old fashioned ice cream parlor!!!!!
The love of my life was killed in a car accident in December while in Argentina, I was in shambles for the last part of 2010, so I started off 2011 in pretty bad shape. I took a lot of time to myself and made it a point to spend a lot of time doing crafts, planning events, staying very sober, and spending quality time with people I loved.
I turned 29 this year. I bought a car in August, after three years of being bike-only. I tried to simplify my life down & go zero waste, but found that I like living in my own creation of “old fashioned way” instead.
2011 was also a year of living by my wits. With the economy in a nosedive and many thousands of teacher jobs cut in the state of Texas, my newly minted master’s degree in education was essentially worthless. I applied to 70 teaching positions with only one interview. I turned to event planning, etsy crafting, modeling, and odd jobs to make rent every month.

Here is a snippet of 2011, in photo form:
Vintage Vivant - Gangsters & Molls
Thunk up, created and launched Vintage Vivant with Angeliska in January.
Threw a very special Dr. Sketchy’s drawing session, featuring Dame Darcy and her Meat Cake characters!
My Tidy Cloths were featured in Bust Magazine. I was featured on Regretsy, too!Reverse MermaidsThrew a special Dr. Sketchy’s for Molly Crabapple for SXSW. The very talented designer/sculptor Aaron Flynn made the costumes.Met Paul Reubens during SXSW when he came into Toy Joy! I helped him pick out Christmas lights. Won free whiskey for life in a costume contest at Justine’s Brasserie for the Bastille Day party. I cut up my favorite Sid Vicious shirt to make pasties that said “Sex Pistols” and covered them in pyramid studs. I’m also wearing antlers, but you can’t really tell in this photo.
Femme et Velo
Got to know some of my most favorite small business owners in Austin. From slinging tasty vegan food to taking party photo booth pictures to outfitting us with false eyelashes, these ladies are indispensible! Here I am modeling for Shari of Charm School Vintage for the blog, Femme et Velo.
Designed a hoop skirt costume for a fashion show – my first time as a designer and not as a model! The mechanical bird really flapped, and the hoop skirt had to be transported on top of my car & held by a strap through the sunroof. Drew was my amazing model (he’s featured two pictures, above).
Bride Deer @ Exquisite Corpse
Sold an amazing amount of deer antler pieces – which was my only source of income for most of the year, as I was unemployed from May until December. I also sold antlers to Helmut Lang for NYC Fashion Week, as well as had them featured in a few music videos and photoshoots.

Vintage Vivant’s Bunny Hop Bash for Easter

Vintage Vivant’s Vamps & Tramps – Reese played ragtime piano to Clara Bow’s “It” at the Alamo Drafthouse earlier in the evening as part of the festivities.
DJ Phonogray
Met my sweetheart, Reese, and started dating in April. We started doing a weekly phonograph record happy hour at the East Side Show Room in the fall. We set up two portable players, cranked records, and drank nice whiskey drinks.

With the help of Reese’s mechanical expertise, began restoring 1920s portable phonographs
Cover girls!
Angeliska and I were featured on the cover of The Austin Chronicle for Vintage Vivant, a mere 10 months after we launched our party!!

Valerie and I opened our old fashioned ice cream parlor, Sweet Ritual, on December 15th!

Here we are on opening day!

Happy 2012 to you, dear reader. Here’s to the amazing 365 days ahead.

5 thoughts on “2011 in Review

  1. This is wonderful, Amelia! I’m so proud of you, and so glad to work with you on Vintage Vivant! I can’t believe it’s been a year (and what a year it’s been!) Here’s to more glamourous adventures together in 2012! Lovelovelove.

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