January 2nd Daily Outfit

  • Red beret
  • St. Joan of Arc medallion
  • 1970s floral dress that was at one point, floor length
  • Red bolero sweater
  • Black sweater that I’ve had since sophomore year of high school
  • Black knee socks
  • Black Mary Janes

This photo was taken at 7:15 am, as I was about to leave to work at the ice cream parlor. As an experiment to appease soy-free people, Val and I attempted to make an almond/coconut version of my ice cream. DISASTER!!! Due to a lower sugar level & less fat content, the mix froze into a solid block of ice cream in the machine, causing a giant mess that can only be described as a peanut butter waterfall.
By 3pm, we got it all figured out, and have our usual ice cream in the machine. You know, leopards can’t change their spots & whatnot.
Tonight is one of the first cold nights here in Austin. When I was out getting carrot juice an hour ago, it was 45F, but it’s going to dip to 30F.

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