Volk: New Year’s Eve

I rang in 2012 in a snowy pine forest, surrounded by white wolves, champagne, and some of my dearest friends. Hosted at Justine’s, Volk: How did you come to be lost? was the theme of the evening. With Russian folktales at the core, the Brasserie was transformed by the addition of 200+ pine trees and snow machines that pumped over 20,000 lbs of snow on the scene. Real and taxidermy wolves lurked in the shadows. All photos in this post, by the amazing John Leach.

There were two white wolves in attendance. Actually, they are a special breed of dog called a Gibler dog, which is a hybrid of rescued wolves, Akita, and Malamute. There is a very lovely family here in Austin who raises them, and their daughter came to a Vintage Vivant for Easter with her wolf, Winter, in tow (read a little about Winter and his cute characteristics here). They are so patient and sweet! This one’s name is Snow, and I petted him at midnight.

Gina and Kitty with the wolf!

Miss Sassy Delure in the snowy forest. On NYE day, the weather in Austin was a brisk 70F! When I walked towards Justine’s, I could feel the temperature dropping because of the snow from the snow machines. It was 6 inches thick in some areas, but was forming a slick layer on top. I had to walk with a firm heel-toe heel-toe step through the trees, lest I trip and impale some poor fellow with my antlers. Hidden in the back of the forest was a vodka tent & a photobooth.

Mistress Stephanie & her snowy footprints.

My duties as Snow Nymph included filling the champagne tower with fellow fairies, including Kitty & Raven.

Me and Angeliska – supreme Queen of Snow

Me, Sassy & Liz. Snackface, Sassy!

Although I looked at the lookbook for the event quite extensively (which was a mix of Galliano makeup & Russian princesses) I still managed to look like a flapper babydoll underneath it all, with a little bit of drag queen thrown in for good measure. These white antlers are for sale in my etsy store, as well.

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