January 3rd Daily Outfit

  • Gray beret – Army supply store in Seattle
  • Earrings my sister made
  • Joan of Arc Saint Medallion
  • Black sweater that I’ve had since sophomore year of high school
  • Black stretchy belt from American Apparel
  • 1950s blouse & skirt ensemble, I think from Dear Golden on etsy? I don’t remember.
  • Purple knit socks
  • Black pointed shoes

Today was my day off from the ice cream parlor! I did a ton of emailing & blog stuff, and then went out for breakfast tacos with Natalie Ribbons. I also bought an impressive array of glitter at the hobby store to use on an experimental set of deer antlers. We shall see.
Oh, and I ended up working at the ice cream parlor, because even when it’s your day off and you own a small business, it’s never your day off 🙂 A super nice group of ladies came in for a birthday celebration & they all got Glitterbeast sundaes, which have edible glitter on top!

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