Gramophone Needle Tins – Dogs & Talking Machines

One of my secret growing obsessions is buying phonograph needle tins on ebay. The phonograph needles are to be used once per play of a 78 record, and they come in different tones to control the volume of the record.
Some tins I buy, some I don’t, but I’ve been really enjoying finding the different categories that they fall in to. I present to you now, Dogs & Talking Machine themes.

Doggies holding hands with babies. In hell?

Puppies regarding older doggie.

Doggie regarding little chick.

Doggies holding paws. Shaking paws?

German needles for a talking machine.

The Boys Delight – I believe these are from India.

The perspective on this horn is very seashell like.

German phonograph needle tin. I love this color scheme!

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