January 10th Daily Outfit

  • Navy blazer that goes to a 1940s suit
  • Vintage lace collar
  • Yellow cotton dress – I think it’s from the Gap, maybe 7 years ago
  • Yellow American Apparel tights
  • Creme lace tights
  • Navy Cassandre shoes from Remix Vintage Shoes

Today we had a photoshoot for a feature in VegNews magazine, so we all wore yellow dresses in the ice cream parlor and posed with waffle cones! It will be in the March issue, I think!

3 thoughts on “January 10th Daily Outfit

  1. I love this outft! Do you mind me asking: how tall are you? You seem rather tall.

    I’m 5’10” and I’d love to wear vintage stuff but I find it hard to find items that fit given the length of my torso and the size of my waist. It seems that everyone back in the day was very, very teeny-tiny.

    • I’m 5’10”, too! I have a very long torso – so long that I seldom wear pants or bathing suits because I can never find the right length for them. However, I do find that high waisted items fit me in a more flattering way & I can wear short shorts more often as well.

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