January 15th, Daily Outfit

  • Red Beret
  • Blue 1940s (?) plaid dress, thrifted for $12
  • Thrifted black belt
  • Red stockings from American Apparel
  • 1920s reproduction shoes from Remix Vintage

I love these shoes, in theory. They are comfortable & cute, but they are THE poorest quality. I’ve only worn them a handful of times, and the leather is peeling apart, they scuff easily, and have popped their buttons. How can a pair of $275 shoes be made so poorly? Unfortunately, this is the story with all of the Remix shoes that I own.

I like this dress. I’m a living thermos!

2 thoughts on “January 15th, Daily Outfit

  1. good to know about the remix shoes, because i’ve been tempted! i hate it when people charge a pretty penny and you hope it means better quality and longer-lasting, but it’s not always true.

    love that dress! you look fantastic.

  2. This dress is FANTASTIC. I have three pairs of Remix but they’re all several years old at this point. I wonder if their quality has gone down… sad to hear that if it is true.

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