My Red Hair Evolution

September, 2007, I was living in Eugene, Oregon. This marks the first time I went REALLY red, with chemical dyes. I was fresh from the beauty parlor in this image, and I have a few blonde highlights towards the front. I had been using henna for about 6 months before this.January 2008 – Living in Portland, Oregon. The rainy weather was really great for pincurls – they held their shape & were very springy & octopus like.
February 2008 – Fresh from the beauty parlor here. I got my hair cut by a curly hair specialist who “diagnosed” the curly geography of my head. The verdict: one half of my head is curly, the other half is wavy, and it tends to be strait in the back. Huh!
March 2008 – I had JUST moved to Austin, Texas. I was obsessed with making this pincurl-set-in-a-mohawk look work. It never really did ;p
May 2008 – Just at the beginning of my first Texas summer, chilling out in a 1920s slip and bare feet!

July 2008 – I evolved the pincurl mohawk into looser pincurl sets, topped off with fancy antique headbands.August 2008 – Fresh from the beauty parlor in this shot. The stylist had put it in velcro rollers in the back and set the front curl in a kiss curl. I like this style, but I could never duplicate it myself.January 2009 – For a few brief months, I experimented with going a lighter red, and opted for a strawberry blonde color.January 2009 – The strawberry blonde, close up.
March 2009 – Musee Mechanique in San Francisco – back to my trusty red!August 2009 – Displaying a monster avocado while in Brazil. I had let my hair fade over the summer, mostly so I could swim every day.October 2009 – Swimming season is over, and I’m back to red. This marks a time where I found out how to dye my hair using Medium Intense Red from Sallys & 20 Developer – a very, very affordable way to color my hair.January 2010, with Anja from Clever Nettle and Nika Kaiser. My favorite ladies!
February, 2010 – natural curls with kiss curls in the front.

March 2010

July 2010

November 2010

July 2011

December 2011 – Me and Angeliska at the December Vintage Vivant.

Farewell, red hair. What fun times we had together!

There are a few reasons I decided to go darker. The most important reason being that I was starting to feel very proprietary of this hair color, and when I would see it on other people I let it drive me crazy. It’s a silly feeling when I dissected it, after all, I didn’t formulate the chemicals that came up with the durn thing. However, it was a signature color for me, and sometimes signatures need to be changed up every five years or so. I’ve never had black hair before! We’ll see how it treats me.

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