January 19th, Daily Outfit

  • In January 2011, I did not drink alcohol for the whole month of January, and with the money I saved, I bought myself this velvet 1930s dress
  • Striped stockings from Sock Dreams
  • Black mary janes
  • I pincurled my hair last night & slept with it & I quite like the voluminous results. I must make time to do this more often.

I got up too early to document my outfit today, and the light just isn’t proper at that ungodly hour. It’s also kind of silly to try and photograph black velvet dresses in the first place, since they look like someone’s taken an exacto knife to the photo as it becomes a black void. I’m on my way to East Side Show Room to see some hot jazz & to finish one or two embroidery projects. So, here I am in front of my vanity & my barkcloth covered stool. You can see the black forest deer reflected in the mirror – look close!
My eyes have changed color since I darkened my hair. They are hovering in the green spectrum of hazel rather than the blue. How very strange!

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