January 22nd, Daily Outfit

  • Pink slip that I cut off into a shirt, thrifted in Paris for a few Euros while shopping with Stella Polaris
  • Vintage navy sailor pants that I’ve cut off & sewn pink buttons on to
  • Pink earrings & bracelet made of German glass and assembled by my sister
  • Remix vintage shoes in navy

Today’s forecast is 81F! I good day for selling ice cream, I hope! Yesterday we had our best sales to date – which has made me working 80+hours a week worth it!

It’s almost St. Valentine’s day! Here are my flapper valentine tattoos.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been busy stitching new tidy cloths for my other etsy store. Better and more functional than a box of chocolates!

I’ve been setting my hair in vertical pincurls at night, and when I brush them out in the mornings, I have a delightfully full flapper afro, a la Gaby Deslys.

7 thoughts on “January 22nd, Daily Outfit

  1. Darling outfit!

    Oh, and I remember drooling over your amazing outfit posts back on Vintage Vivant some years ago…. I’m really so happy to have found your style blog again. Your ’20s/’30s aesthetic is seriously the best, so inspiring!!! 🙂

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