March 26th, Daily Outfit

  • Monocle on chain as necklace
  • 1920s cotton dress from Uncommon Objects
  • White knit socks
  • Black Mary JanesMe & Sophie Tucker in the garden after a breakfast of coffee (me) and watermelon (her).A close up of the print, with zinnas and mums. Pretty good for a nearly 100 year old dress that was a mere $13!

It’s spring in Texas! SXSW is over (whew!) and now I can go back to my favorite morning activity: drinking coffee and watching our hens hunt for worms in the garden. We got four Red Sex Link chickens, and their antics have been a big source of my entertainment for the past few weeks. They each have a different personality, and are growing more tame each day as we handle them.
It’s gallinipper season, and the hens set themselves crazy zipping around the yard trying to catch them. The flies are mostly invisible, so it looks like some kind of demon is possessing the chicken as it runs wildly forward with it’s head darting back and forth.

Sophie Tucker & the ukulele. So named for her size, regal strut, and position at the top of the pecking order. Last of the red hot mamas, indeed! She was debeaked as a chick, and her lower beak is considerably longer than her top. It doesn’t seem to hinder her appetite, however – she’s the largest of the group. I have a red coffee can that I use to dip into the chicken feed, and as soon as she sees me going for it, she becomes my little shadow, following me around.

Ethel Waters – the best chicken! Tame, industrious, and an egg by 10am every morning. If I had to bet on the first chicken to lay, it wouldn’t have been Ethel. She’s considerably smaller than the other chickens, but she’s been laying like clockwork since we got her. Ethel likes to come into the house to have a look around. She’s a digger, too, and has the dirty feet to prove it. Right now she’s in the backyard, cuddling up to a five inch dirt pile she’s dug up to take a dirt bath in.

Meet Billie Holiday, aka Yard Raptor, aka Dinosaur Bird. She comes when you call, and likes to be held. Favorite snack: dried mealworms.

Annette HENshaw – the prettiest & most lovely chicken of the group. Once took a daring leap over the flock to snatch an earthworm dangling from my fingers.

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