April Dimensions

At Angeliska’s famous (and much anticipated) Easter party, I was late because I was waiting on my chickens to lay eggs so that I could make these deviled eggs for the party. The amazing John Leach took this photo.

Hens are attracted to anything red – watermelons, strawberries, and my manicure! I was feeding them corn & seeds today and they kept going for my nails today. Naughty chickens!

I’ve been making a lot more deer antler headbands. They’ve become very intricate & involved little projects involving grinding tools, angling, face masks and lots of bone dust. Finally I’ve reached a level where I can make something so awkward (and sometimes heavy!) actually VERY comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

At the last Vintage Vivant, Angeliska and I celebrated our first birthday party with matching feathered turbans. Our next event is on April 29th. To honor the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic  earlier this month, we will be holding an exquisite Oceanic Ball where drowned socialites will find themselves waltzing with sailors, mermaids will dance with starfish, and all manner of sea creatures shall swirl and twirl the night away on the dance floor as we transport you to an underwater fantasy beneath the sea! If you’re in Austin, come dressed in your 1912 Edwardian beaded best, or draped in jellyfish tentacles and sequins!

My boyfriend from college is on twitter now, and recently tweeted this photo of me from when I was 19 – a tin type of me in my 1920s cloche for his Photo II class back in 2001

Reese and I are forming a new project – Austin Phonograph Company, where we feature hand cranked antique phonograph djing at weddings, parties and picnics. You can like our page on Facebook and keep up with our appearances in central Texas.

Oh my! A vegan cookie dough sundae that I made at my ice cream parlor, Sweet Ritual. We were just featured in the newest issue of VegNews magazine, and we’ve been doing well with the warmer weather. I’m so excited for this summer! Within a year, I want to be doing full-fledged ice cream production with frozen pints in local grocery stores. Goals goals goals!

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