Uncouth Documents

Is it uncouth to blog with Instagram images? The motor on my digital camera was on the fritz all summer, so I documented exclusively with my phone.
For the month of August, I had a phonograph DJ residency at the East Side Show Room. My Western Swing records and Hot Jazz standards complimented the craft cocktails and 1920s atmosphere quite nicely.
A mysterious sticker and stencil I see all over Austin. Who are you, man with a bat? And why are you arguing with that phonograph?
Angeliska and I took a trip to Round Top, Texas this week for the enormous antique show that happens twice a year. Imagine eight football fields filled to the brim with giraffe taxidermy, rusted letters, embroidery, glass bottles, masks, lace scraps, Deco furniture, and all matter of ephemerata. Amidst all of the treasures, Angeliska and I kept lamenting our gift of good taste and our curse of poverty.

I had connected with Deep South Phonographs in advance of attending the show. It’s run by a very sweet husband & wife team from Baton Rouge who specialize in restoration of antique record players. Their selection was fantastic! I splurged on some new equipment for Austin Phonograph Company, and now I have some machines that not only look AMAZING but sound incredible.

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