Vintage Halloween – Hot Witches

Ohh! It’s October! In Austin, it’s still in the high 80F and 90s most days, but we are due to have a change in the weather this weekend. I’m surprisingly sad to see the hot weather go (this is probably the first time in my residence in Austin that you will ever EVER see me admit this). Hot weather equals good ice cream sales, and as an ice cream parlor proprietrix, high temperatures are my livelihood.

In my search for vintage Halloween inspiration, I turn to my friend Diane Naegel’s pinterest. For those of you who knew, you will remember that Halloween was one of her favorite subjects, and her costumes were always a treat. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately, Miss Diane. I do miss you so.

When I was wee, I had a costume trunk in my playroom. It was stocked with all sorts of goodies, including lime green polyester dresses, wooden bangles, giant overalls, yards of calico, and other dressup sparkles. My playroom was set up as thus: record player with records, trunk of clothes, craft table with crayons, glue and markers. My mother drew all of the ballet positions in black sharpie marker on the floor for me to practice. This was my “office.”
Among the treasures in the dressup trunk was a black witches’ hat from a Halloween costume. I distinctly remember stomping around the brim, humming the Mexican Hat Dance tune, no doubt inspired by something that Speedy Gonzalas had done.
In case I get to busy to construct a costume this year, I can pull out a Chorus Girl outfit and plop a pointy hat on top.
An enchanting photo of Veronica Lake with fishnets and pointed hat with crescent moon.
I think this is Joan Crawford.
This green dress has an amazing Jack o’ Lantern print near the hem – watch out little owlie!
This postcard looks like a Shakespearian party gone awry -or a-right? Are they bobbing for money, or fortunes?
YES PLEASE – cauldron wear for seriously hot witches.
Oh! Bobbing for cuties!I did make a pumpkin sundae for the shop this week – it has toasted vegan marshmallows that are torched with a creme brulee gun, salted caramel sauce, pumpkin puree sauce, and crunchy pecans. It is amazing!

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