Daily Outfit

  • 1950s hot pink slip worn as camisole
  • black sweater from Express, circa 1998
  • black beaded necklace
  • German glass bracelet and earrings, I made
  • 1950s skirt, I think I got from Dear Golden
  • pink tights from Urban Outfitters
  • black Mary Janes from Payless

It’s the first cool day of Fall in Texas – 55F! I took a trip down South Congress and there was a 40 person queue outside of the coffeeshops and everyone was bundled in scarves and hats.
Last night I stayed in and watched three parts of Ken Burn’s The West and pincurled my hair. Let me now call your attention to the miracle that is hair tape – it’s pink tape that I use to set my kiss curls overnight. It involves “sculpting” the curl with water and a comb, and then taping it into place. The tape sticks to skin, but not to hair.

3 thoughts on “Daily Outfit

  1. You look lovely! Hooray for the return of outfit posts, and fall weather! I was on South Congress earlier, bundled in sweater and scarf, drinking chai – mmm, mmm! I love that you wrote about your magic pink hair tape – I never would have known such a thing existed if not for you! xooxox!

  2. I’m so glad you’re back, dear! You look as beautiful and radiant as always! And, I see that the red hair has returned also… 🙂

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