Vintage Halloween – Black Cats

Meow! Meow! I’ve been considering donning some ears and whiskers for a simple Halloween costume. Nothing’s quite as seasonal as an arched black cat.

“Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence” from Footlight Parade (1933) featuring Ruby Keeler as a bushy tailed pussy cat. This was one of the first 30s musicals I rented as a young girl on VHS from the public library. I do love that cooing!
If there ever really were a true time machine, I’d like to use it to travel back to different parties that I find invitations for. Imagine dancing the night away with an Old Fashioned in hand, listening to Russell Rutledge and his Orchestra, and only paying 35 cents! Adjusted for inflation, that’s only $5.75 in 2012 dollars – still a bargain.If I were to take my time machine, I’d like also to have this hilarious pumpkin on the right, with black cats for eyes and a bat for a mouth. Oh, and I like the dapper gent in the middle with the black cat sweater vest. Who is that behind him? A haystack?
Hello red dress hottie with an owl head hat. That kitties gonna scratch your stockings!
Never underestimate the power of papermache, hula skirts, and card stock.This costume is only to be worn below the Mason Dixon line. The rest of you will need to wear a coat as part of your costume.
Black cat decor. Now, don’t all of you run out and get tattoos of these all at once.
During October, I have to keep myself away from Uncommon Objects, lest I buy up all of their Halloween ephemera. Then I will be one of those people… the ones who have Halloween decor up as proper decor. I am only one of those people who has St. Valentine’s day up as everyday decor. 

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