Girls & Gramophones

Yikes – where did October go? In between minding my ice cream parlor and attending to the costuming demands for Halloween antlers, I’ve had no spare time to chronicle my silly interests. Right now I am losing miserably on eBay auctions at some 78s of Annette  Hanshaw records.  I must have Tiptoe Through the Tulips! At once! Also, unrelated, but kind of: have you seen this phonograph print dress?

Do yourself a favor and click over to this page while you scroll through this post. Listen to the Annette Hanshaw and Joe Venutti song “I Like” for a little background music.

August 20, 1924. Washington, D.C., or vicinity. “National American Ballet.” via Shorpy
I love these outfits! They remind me of a Midsummer’s Night Dream – I wonder what they are singing? The gal in the middle is playing a cigar box ukulele. You can click and make this picture enormous to take in all of the details.

Flappers on the beach (via flickr). As our Austin summer draws to a close (goodness, it’s been long enough, hasn’t it? It’s still 85F!) I find myself very sad that I only went swimming once this summer. Isn’t that pitiful? I’m looking at some flappery beach pictures and kicking myself that I didn’t bring the windup suitcase player out to Barton Springs like I did last summer. Shucks!

Flappers on the beach circa mid 1920s. Maybe next summer I can convince Angeliska to do some fitness records with me at the springs! In all of my record hunting, I’ve not found many exercise records. Plenty of tap dance training and records on the subject of teaching one’s parakeet to talk, however.

Morning exercises to a portable phonograph on the deck might just be the solution instead of a gym membership. I’m sure the neighbors would enjoy it.

Dancing lessons at home. I can’t tell for sure, but I think this is a portable player set on top of furniture.

Listening at home. This looks like a fun rainy day activity.

New York circa 1921. A lady and her phonograph. The name looks like Farnum or Farmer. 5×7 glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection. Via Shorpy.

With the windup home model – via.

Unknown woman, outside with suitcase phonograph.

Movie star Gloria Swanson as Sadie Thompson and phonograph

3 thoughts on “Girls & Gramophones

  1. Funny, the fifth photo down is on my fridge, less than 3 feet from where I’m currently sitting. On a postcard from Victrola Coffee Roasters (in Seattle)! These are all so neat. Thanks for sharing!

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