12th Night Austin, January 5th, 2013

A very eloquent explanation of the history of 12th Night and how it relates to Austin, by Kate Messer of The Austin Chronicle: 12th Night Rolls Out.

Angeliska explains the origins of 12th Night: 12th Night Parade

Photos by John Leach and photobooth pictures by Devaki Knowles of Fun Loving Photos.

71500_10200458030318212_1976387230_nThe krewe behind 12 Night Austin, Krewe du Bisoux: (clockwise from left) Angeliska Polacheck, Amelia Foxtrot, Shari Gerstenberger, Allyson Garro (and not pictured, Lau Barickman)299519_10200457889554693_925923435_n 398082_316137108485995_470792566_n 16622_316146681818371_559230451_n 207643_10200457888674671_1220767724_n 537964_316137065152666_1239491282_n 303575_10200457892794774_1783053600_n3894_316141135152259_406601732_n 217718_316138115152561_387042772_n 524806_316144628485243_476152577_n 602885_316147168484989_1047101204_n 184444_316139388485767_1247171437_n 427434_316145801818459_1683594081_n 735034_316141945152178_118749708_n 397620_316135815152791_829407600_n
For more photos, visit The Austin Chronicle, the 12th Night FB Page