Dr. Sketchy’s for E.A.S.T.

“The East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) features dozens of creative events each year, but we couldn’t help being especially intrigued by psychedelic taxidermy, neon Marie Antoinette wigs, vintage clothes, and pop grunge illustrations all in one space. We stopped by the Maison d’Etoile building (2109 E. Cesar Chavez) during installation to catch up with Allyson Garro, Hope Perkins, and Bradley Wilkinson to learn more about their EAST offerings.”
– Tracie Chan, Austinist

On Sunday, November 18th, Maison d’Etoile hosted a Dr. Sketchy’s anti-art class where I  posed as a love-child mashup between the two featured artists, Hope Perkins and Bradley Wilkinson. Do you know about Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School? I’m the director of the Austin branch – come and sketch some time!

I made these gigantic pink antlers and attached chandelier crystals between the points. What outfit would be complete without matching necklace and Pop Art paint-dripped crystal pasties?

I was so, so excited to meet Hope Perkins after seeing her artwork in different Austin venues for the past few years. What a sweetheart! Dressing for this event was a fun extension for me – how else would I have incorporated velvet and arrows in to the same ensemble?

These antlers were much smaller, and thus, I wore them for longer during the modeling sessions. They are covered in velvet, pearls, and are gold-tipped. This outfit featured glittery arrow wounds that emerged from my chest and ribs. I took cues from Kahlo’s The Wounded Deer, and also vintage hunting scenes.

Bradley Wilkinson made me a special character head to wear for a few poses:

And one of his sketches:

A sketch of me by Heather Joy:

Check out Dr. Sketchy to see if there is a branch in your town and then GO and DRAW!

Alicia Vega Photoshoot – sneak peek

I do hope you’ll forgive the absence of my daily outfit photograph today! Instead of documenting my wardrobe, I met up with Alicia Vega & traipsed around a few parks in and around Austin for a very special Princess Mononoke forest spirit inspired photo shoot with faux furs and my deer antlers. Here are two teaser shots from the shoot. More soon!

All photos (c) Alicia Vega Photography – she does portraits, head shots & band photographs in the Austin area!

Deer Antlers

I’ve been busy making more deer antlers. This black pair is eleven points!

Who did these teeny horns belong to?

Some antlers are asymmetrical, with one developing points or length before the other.

If you like my deer antlers, you can buy them here. Think of how the ladies will talk the next time you show up at the grocery with a pair!