Daily Outfit

  • Creme Beret – bought at Disney World at age 13 in or around the French Pavillion at Epcot Center
  • Vintage scarf around neck
  • Creme blouse, Buffalo Exchange
  • Green belt
  • 1930s skirt that goes to a suit set, Uncommon Objects
  • Green octagonal purse, given to me by a friend who moved to Korea
  • Pink fishnet stockings
  • Green cameo ring from Angeliska
  • Creme shoes, Buffalo Exchange

Sometimes I think that burlesque would be a natural direction for me to swim to, but then I get myself into a project that involves meticulously attaching thousands of rhinestones to an object, and then I think, “Nah.”

Yesterday I spent many hours making special deer antlers for costumes I’ll be wearing on Sunday. They involve Pepto-Bismol pink deer antlers, chandelier crystals, velvet, bloody glitter, and St. Sebastian.

Please come see me model two spectacular outfits this Sunday, from 5:30-8:30 for a FREE Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School session: EAST Sketchy’s!

Jazz Babies Island

This weekend we celebrated the last beautiful summer weather of Austin on the Commodore Riverboat with A Jazz Babies Island Excursion – Hot Jazz on a boat! Aunt Ruby’s Sweet Jazz Babies played, and I phonographed during their set breaks under the guise of Austin Phonograph Company.
What a perfect day for a boat ride! It had to be still in the 80s – I didn’t wear a sweater at all. We rode along the river for three hours and docked around sunset. I only got a tiny bit seasick, and nursed myself with a bag of popcorn and a fizzy water with lots of lime juice.
Lee with her fabulous lace dress:Tracy and Lauryn with the raffle tickets:

Farewell warm weather! The last day and a half have been chilly and brisk. I spent all day yesterday bundled up, sleeping off the pain of a new tattoo.

Halloweens, 2004-2011

2004 – I was still living in Arkansas. I dressed as Marilyn Monroe from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” and I was a blonde! Coincidently I met up at a party where I met Jackie-O and a very bloody JFK (My friends Chris and Su-Lauren).
2005 – I had just moved to Eugene, Oregon for graduate school and dressed as a little sailor girl in this vintage sailor dress. I didn’t know anyone in the city, save for the 13 people I lived with in my co-op house. We went to a party at another co-op and taught our Chinese roommate American slang.

2006 – I could find no record of dressing up for this year. I think I was too swamped in graduate school work to dress up!
2007 – I lived in Portland at this time. I worked part time in a vintage store downtown, and I acted as a living mannequin outside of the shop with a candy dish in my hand. I found that I was quite good at standing still – and I scared quite a few passers by. My actual Halloween that year was quite strange. I didn’t have many (any) friends in Portland, and I ended up meeting up with a group of folks who were all dressed as Nintendo characters, and we played video games at Ground Kontrol Arcade.
2008 – “Silent film star who is actually silent and only communicates through title cards.” I spent two weeks watching silent movies and photographing the title cards, and I shuffled them around to talk – an exersize in Dada if there ever was one. A year or two before this, Julia had concocted this same costume, and I freely admit that I appropriated it from her 🙂 This year, I waited in line for hours to get into Gadjo Disko! and never got in – settled on eating cupcakes and drinking whiskey instead.
2009 – Belleweather and I dressed as Siamese twins Violet and Daisy Hilton from Freaks. When we went out, we tied a ribbon around ourselves to stay together in crowds. This was the first year that I saw the White Ghost Shivers for Halloween.
2010 – “Deer de los Muertos” costume, with skull makeup, antler headband, rotting 1920s lace as a scarf, and lots of roses. I went to the East Side Show room to see the White Ghost Shivers play a secret Sinking-of-the-Titanic themed show.
2011 – Windup Doll. What in the world was this costume?! It was a mashup of Egyptian, Steampunk, and living Dolly. I painstakingly refashioned a Tim Bird as a necklace, and he actually flapped! The hoop skirt was constructed out of goodies from the hardware aisle, including threaded bolts, irrigation tubing, and lots of spray paint. I did also see White Ghost Shivers again for Halloween proper, but I had a much more subdued outfit on – one that could move in a crowd.

Daily Outfit

  • 1950s hot pink slip worn as camisole
  • black sweater from Express, circa 1998
  • black beaded necklace
  • German glass bracelet and earrings, I made
  • 1950s skirt, I think I got from Dear Golden
  • pink tights from Urban Outfitters
  • black Mary Janes from Payless

It’s the first cool day of Fall in Texas – 55F! I took a trip down South Congress and there was a 40 person queue outside of the coffeeshops and everyone was bundled in scarves and hats.
Last night I stayed in and watched three parts of Ken Burn’s The West and pincurled my hair. Let me now call your attention to the miracle that is hair tape – it’s pink tape that I use to set my kiss curls overnight. It involves “sculpting” the curl with water and a comb, and then taping it into place. The tape sticks to skin, but not to hair.

April 24th, Daily Outfit

  • German Glass earrings and bracelet – made by me
  • Pink patterned slip, thrifted in Paris
  • 1950s floral circle skirt from Charm School Vintage
  • Green Belt, Decades Vintage, PDX
  • Green Shoes, Remix Vintage Shoes
    I wore this skirt for a photoshoot for Femme et Velo back in the fall, and now it’s mine!

I’ve been feeding the hens yogurt mixed in with their crumbles, and now they are getting to be formidable chickens with very strong egg shells.

Action shot!
Reese and I have been working on a new project – Austin Phonograph Company, where we bring our phonographs out to DJ events such as weddings, art openings, and gatherings. We have a kickstarter up now to buy a new machine – you can use it to prebook events with us this summer!

March 26th, Daily Outfit

  • Monocle on chain as necklace
  • 1920s cotton dress from Uncommon Objects
  • White knit socks
  • Black Mary JanesMe & Sophie Tucker in the garden after a breakfast of coffee (me) and watermelon (her).A close up of the print, with zinnas and mums. Pretty good for a nearly 100 year old dress that was a mere $13!

It’s spring in Texas! SXSW is over (whew!) and now I can go back to my favorite morning activity: drinking coffee and watching our hens hunt for worms in the garden. We got four Red Sex Link chickens, and their antics have been a big source of my entertainment for the past few weeks. They each have a different personality, and are growing more tame each day as we handle them.
It’s gallinipper season, and the hens set themselves crazy zipping around the yard trying to catch them. The flies are mostly invisible, so it looks like some kind of demon is possessing the chicken as it runs wildly forward with it’s head darting back and forth.

Sophie Tucker & the ukulele. So named for her size, regal strut, and position at the top of the pecking order. Last of the red hot mamas, indeed! She was debeaked as a chick, and her lower beak is considerably longer than her top. It doesn’t seem to hinder her appetite, however – she’s the largest of the group. I have a red coffee can that I use to dip into the chicken feed, and as soon as she sees me going for it, she becomes my little shadow, following me around.

Ethel Waters – the best chicken! Tame, industrious, and an egg by 10am every morning. If I had to bet on the first chicken to lay, it wouldn’t have been Ethel. She’s considerably smaller than the other chickens, but she’s been laying like clockwork since we got her. Ethel likes to come into the house to have a look around. She’s a digger, too, and has the dirty feet to prove it. Right now she’s in the backyard, cuddling up to a five inch dirt pile she’s dug up to take a dirt bath in.

Meet Billie Holiday, aka Yard Raptor, aka Dinosaur Bird. She comes when you call, and likes to be held. Favorite snack: dried mealworms.

Annette HENshaw – the prettiest & most lovely chicken of the group. Once took a daring leap over the flock to snatch an earthworm dangling from my fingers.

January 22nd, Daily Outfit

  • Pink slip that I cut off into a shirt, thrifted in Paris for a few Euros while shopping with Stella Polaris
  • Vintage navy sailor pants that I’ve cut off & sewn pink buttons on to
  • Pink earrings & bracelet made of German glass and assembled by my sister
  • Remix vintage shoes in navy

Today’s forecast is 81F! I good day for selling ice cream, I hope! Yesterday we had our best sales to date – which has made me working 80+hours a week worth it!

It’s almost St. Valentine’s day! Here are my flapper valentine tattoos.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been busy stitching new tidy cloths for my other etsy store. Better and more functional than a box of chocolates!

I’ve been setting my hair in vertical pincurls at night, and when I brush them out in the mornings, I have a delightfully full flapper afro, a la Gaby Deslys.