Choice Bit of Calico

From L-R:
1. One perk of the wedding business is getting to take home fancy bouquets after the ceremony!
2. I made special Girl Scout Cookie flavors for the ice cream parlor – Peanut Butter Patty was my favorite. I found a set of Art Deco dessert glasses for $1 each in a local charity shop. Ice cream tastes better from Deco!
3. Devaki Knowles took a polaroid of me from a SXSWi Meetup where we were both showcased.
4. I bought a set of calligraphy pens and inks to practice lettering and drawing. I haven’t had a proper set since I was very young – mostly I’ve been drawing cartoons on ancient sheet music and working on my cursive.
5. I took a trip to a Phonograph museum here in Austin and heard this phonograph lamp play – the sound comes from the horn, which doubles as the base of the lamp.
6. I caught a Grackle in my chicken coop, but all that I kept was this enormous feather.
photo 3I added this cute little girl and her gramophone to my Valentine collection this week. Isn’t she sweet? I love her green striped socks and peter pan collar dress with lacy bloomer peeking out. She looks the way I do when I peer into my phonograph horns.
photo 4With a change from Winter to Texas Spring, my hair has changed as well. It’s now quite long, and black! The right image shows the length with slight curl, and the left is me all done up with a pincurl set. I’ve never had black hair before, and it’s been fun readjusting to a different color scheme.
photo 4I’ll leave you with this priceless gem – 20s sheet music featuring a gentleman rocking out to his flapper femme with what only could be described as “Slayer Face.”

Choice Bit of Calico

From L-R:
1. The chickens keep eating berries off this bush – do you know what type of plant it is? I need to look it up to make sure it’s okay for them to eat (ETA: Chile Piquin!). I can’t trust them to make their own healthy eating decisions. I caught them eating a discarded fast food chicken carcass that a construction worker had left in the backyard, ICK!
2. Annette HENshaw digs in the fall leaves for worms
3. Austin Phonograph Company went on a field trip to a second grade classroom and played some records. The students danced or clapped along with the music Рand there was some waltzing and Gangnam-style riding of the pony.
4. I was SO sick with the flu last week, so I amused myself by watching Georges Melies films,
5. Bela Lugosi films,
6. and some Felix the cat cartoons.
7. Kitty Buick posed for Dr. Sketchy’s and wore an authentic rhinestone dancer’s outfit from the 1920s. (More photos!)
8. I finished a new embroidery for my etsy store.
9. Fun new game: chickens will play “football” with udon noodles, thinking they are worms.

This is the best explanation of why old people like butterscotch and caramel candies!

It’s only been today and yesterday that it has been cold in Texas – and surprisingly, ice cream sales have been soaring! I made this S’mores sundae with toasted marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, and home-made chocolate sauce in a waffle bowl yesterday.

Later this month, Sweet Ritual has been invited to cater an art opening inspired by “On The Road.”
If you could eat an ice cream that was inspired by Jack Kerouac, what would it taste like?