Daily Outfit, October 25th, 2009

Point of Fashion: Shimmery mermaid travels to dry land in order to pluck stars from the night sky and place them atop her head.

  • Black headband with Gold Stars
  • 1940s gold locket
  • Metallic mermaid 1930s reproduction dress – Buffalo Exchange
  • Black knee socks
  • Gold shoes – Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

IMG_8244-681x1024 IMG_8243-681x1024 IMG_8249-682x1024 IMG_8251-681x1024


My favorite character in all of Dame Darcy’s Meatcake comics is Effluvia the gin swilling, fried clam eating siren. Unlike her, I don’t have a fancy ring made out of hexed young sailors, nor do I scoot around in a wheelchair in order not to scrape my fishtail on the ground. I found this dress amidst the crowded Halloween garb at Buffalo Exchange, and I was entranced by the swishy bottom hem and low back. The way it glows in different lights is just spectacular! I’ve had this dress since Friday and I’ve worn it every day since then.

Daily Outfit, October 24th, 2009

  • Antlers with felt and 1930s fabric ticking
  • Brown and white spotted dress – Buffalo Exchange
  • Brown knee socks
  • Gold strappy shoes – Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

img_8228 4041003406_10ebcef124_o
Today at work was childhood nostalgia dress up day. I chose Bambi and put my antlers on this morning while listening to “Drip drip drop little April Showers!” I wrestled with not doing too literal of a deer/fawn Halloween costume, so I chose not to wear a tail but to wear a dress that was suggestive of a fawn’s spots.

Daily Outfit, October 22nd, 2009

Point of fashion: A Smile and a Ribbon in my Hair

  • Red ribbon
  • Marie Antoinette heart on cheek
  • 1Blouse – Paul & Joe
  • Red bowtie – thrifted long ago
  • Purple skirt – thrifted
  • Purple flats – Melissa from my trip to Brazil

img_8200 img_8209

A smile is something special,
a ribbon is something rare,
So I’ll be special and I’ll be rare with a smile and a ribbon in my hair.
To be a girl they notice,
takes more than a fancy dress,
so I’ll be noticed because I’ll dress with a smile and a ribbon in my tresses…

Daily Outfit, October 17th, 2009

  • Navy ribbon in hair
  • Yellow ribbons as earrings
  • 1930s style yellow blouse with Peter Pan collar with white Scottie Dog print – F21
  • Vintage Navy shorts (I replaced the anchor buttons with pink buttons)
  • RemixVintage shoes

4019849141_9a4b097549_b 4019853733_5b168df977_b
When I lived in the Pacific NW, I could buy Navy pants at almost every vintage store, but I’ve never seen any in the south!
Suggestions for wearing 13 button Navy Pants:
– Change out the standard issue buttons with colorful ones
– Cut them off and hem them into shorts
– Replace the back tie with a colorful ribbon
– They gather dust/lint, so be sure to have a lint roller handy
– The number one rule: Don’t wear your sailor pants out drinking. You will not make it in time if you are drunkenly fumbling with the buttons.

2217294595_a1ec979a70_oAs always, sailor pants as shorts make for a perfect 1920s chorus girl look.


Daily Outfit, October 16th, 2009

  • 1950s navy blue tilt hat with velvet ribbon – from a junk store in Tonitown, Arkansas
  • Dove earrings
  • Vintage lace collar – bought from a boy who came into my toy store with a suitcase of goodies
  • 1950s navy dress – I can’t even remember… I’ve had this dress for so long. I think I got it in northwest Arkansas
  • Vintage sheer gloves with flower embroidery
  • Remix vintage heels – Trashy Diva in NOLA

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Today I got a lot of comments that I looked like a doll or like a mannequin. I suppose I have a knack for standing uncommonly still, and today I was letting myself just stare off into space while thinking of how to construct my Gadjo Disko/Halloween costume: deer antler headpiece! I have been mistaken for a mannequin in places where you usually don’t find mannequins… like the grocery store!

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