My Red Hair Evolution

September, 2007, I was living in Eugene, Oregon. This marks the first time I went REALLY red, with chemical dyes. I was fresh from the beauty parlor in this image, and I have a few blonde highlights towards the front. I had been using henna for about 6 months before this.January 2008 – Living in Portland, Oregon. The rainy weather was really great for pincurls – they held their shape & were very springy & octopus like.
February 2008 – Fresh from the beauty parlor here. I got my hair cut by a curly hair specialist who “diagnosed” the curly geography of my head. The verdict: one half of my head is curly, the other half is wavy, and it tends to be strait in the back. Huh!
March 2008 – I had JUST moved to Austin, Texas. I was obsessed with making this pincurl-set-in-a-mohawk look work. It never really did ;p
May 2008 – Just at the beginning of my first Texas summer, chilling out in a 1920s slip and bare feet!

July 2008 – I evolved the pincurl mohawk into looser pincurl sets, topped off with fancy antique headbands.August 2008 – Fresh from the beauty parlor in this shot. The stylist had put it in velcro rollers in the back and set the front curl in a kiss curl. I like this style, but I could never duplicate it myself.January 2009 – For a few brief months, I experimented with going a lighter red, and opted for a strawberry blonde color.January 2009 – The strawberry blonde, close up.
March 2009 – Musee Mechanique in San Francisco – back to my trusty red!August 2009 – Displaying a monster avocado while in Brazil. I had let my hair fade over the summer, mostly so I could swim every day.October 2009 – Swimming season is over, and I’m back to red. This marks a time where I found out how to dye my hair using Medium Intense Red from Sallys & 20 Developer – a very, very affordable way to color my hair.January 2010, with Anja from Clever Nettle and Nika Kaiser. My favorite ladies!
February, 2010 – natural curls with kiss curls in the front.

March 2010

July 2010

November 2010

July 2011

December 2011 – Me and Angeliska at the December Vintage Vivant.

Farewell, red hair. What fun times we had together!

There are a few reasons I decided to go darker. The most important reason being that I was starting to feel very proprietary of this hair color, and when I would see it on other people I let it drive me crazy. It’s a silly feeling when I dissected it, after all, I didn’t formulate the chemicals that came up with the durn thing. However, it was a signature color for me, and sometimes signatures need to be changed up every five years or so. I’ve never had black hair before! We’ll see how it treats me.

I Love Red Heads

RedHeadedWoman430wRed headed woman on an airplane, 1940sred_headed_womanOne of my favorite movies, starring Jean Harlow
redhairgallianoRed head from John Galliano’s Boudoir Doll collection
redhairgalliano3Red head from John Galliano’s Boudoir Doll collection
00540mRed head from John Galliano’s Boudoir Doll collection
puppet2 copySource Unknown.
Picture 31920s Card
old75 copyRoxanne from Persephassa
IMG_6972My Gentle River Blythe. I took her into my hair appointments and told the stylist that I wanted her hair color!
fairy-goth-motherSource unknown.
BXJ8tViIgob5598yjZAT62wfo1_500Red Flapper Fro = Love